Homemade Educational Crafts with Cricut

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cricut for Cricut. All opinions are 100% mine.
I have been head over heels for the Cricut machine family ever since I became a teacher. I've used it for tons of classroom decor and bulletin board sets. But did you know you can use it for even MORE?
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My students LOVE playing games in the classroom. And I love letting them *think* they're just playing, but really, they are learning so much. Games are great engagement boosters, so they actually ask to practice the skills they've been learning.
During the summer and since we've been out for Covid-19, I've been thinking up new games for my kiddos. Trying to find things they love and combining them with skills they'll need during the year. I've been teaching students in grades kindergarten through 4th grade, so trying to find something that appeals to all of them can be tricky.
But do you know what kids of any age usually go for? PIZZA!
So I had the idea to create a pizza game that can have interchangeable parts that can be used for any age group. The game I'm going to show you here is for sight words, but the same steps can be easily adapted for any other skills.
Materials you'll need:
Cardstock in yellow, orange, green, and red
Cricut Explore Air 2 or Maker
Light or Standard Grip Mat
Cricut 0.4 tip pen
Cutting blade
Glue stick
Start with a blank project and upload this Pizza image available in Cricut Design.

Make the pizza the size you want it to be. Because my paper was 8.5x11, I made my pizza 8". Now, this image is in four layers. You won't need the pepperoni (red) layer yet, so while the pizza is selected, click "Ungroup" on the right side of your screen. Select the red layer, and delete it. For now!

Now you're ready to create your pizza base. Click "Make It" in Cricut Design and follow the steps provided. Make as many pizza bases as you want by repeating the steps.
Once your base is complete, you are ready to customize your toppings! Remember the red layer? You need it now! Back in Cricut Design, click "undo" and your red layer should pop back up. Delete the layers underneath it until only the red layer remains.

Duplicate this layer and move it around to make and cut more pieces at a time. Then, insert text and select a writing font. Add anything you want to the pepperoni pieces. For this version, I used Dolch pre-primer level sight words. Once you have added your text on top of your pepperoni pieces, select EVERYTHING and click "Attach" at the bottom left of the screen. That is a very important step; it ensures that the words stay on top of the pepperoni shapes while they are being written and cut out. Then, click "Make It" and follow the prompts. The result will be something like this...

Collect all of your pizza pieces, and you're ready to start assembling!

Glue the green sheet under the yellow sheet. Then, glue both pieces onto the orange "crust." Do NOT glue the pepperonis. You are now ready to play!

There can be many different ways to play: students can pick up a word, read the word, and put it on their pizzas. Students can "fill orders" by finding specific words from the pile. They can work in teams or by themselves. And this is only ONE game idea. You can make math problems, work on phonics skills, or even simply put letters and numbers on them and let the kiddos identify what they found! And once you have the pizza bases, all you have to do is make the different pepperonis, and you have unlimited games for unlimited skills! What skills would you work on? Let me know in the comments.
I cannot wait to get back into my classroom. Let the games begin!

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