Spread Justice Not Germs Cricut Project for the Classroom

When getting ready to return to school this fall, I knew a lot of things were going to look different. Masks, hand washing stations, dividers... more things to keep us apart. With the tension that boiled over during the summer, I wanted to make sure that my students know that I side with the side of justice. I want my students to know that I am for them. I want them to know that seeking and spreading justice is within their hands, even if they aren't permitted to be within six feet of each other. So I came up with the idea of a sign to go beside our bottle of hand sanitizer that states, "Spread Justice, Not Germs."

I used an image from Cricut Design Space called "Strong, Black, and Proud."

Since I wanted to add my own words, I needed to remove the ones already present in the image. I was able to do that by clicking "Contour" on the bottom right, then "hide all contours." After that, I was able to select only the shapes in the fist to use in my design. 

I wanted a bold font, so I used the font "A Frightful Affair" available in Cricut Design Space. I got the words positions around the graphic and welded the entire project into one cut.

I used my Cricut Maker, but the entire project is small enough to be made using the new Cricut Joy available now starting at $179! I also used permanent vinyl to make sure it wouldn't peel after it had been applied.

Once it was cut, I applied it to a small chalkboard so it would be able to stand by the hand sanitizer bottle. I have shared the Spread Justice Not Germs as a public project on Cricut Design Space, so feel free to make your own by clicking the link!

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