Communication is Key

 Teacher friends, I don't know how I can impress this upon you enough- 


A positive relationship between teachers and families is an essential piece of the puzzle for giving students every opportunity for academic success. And open, two-way communication is the key to establishing that relationship.

As teachers, we want parents and families to feel comfortable reaching out to us, but in order for that to happen, we need to reach out to them as well... and not just when something is wrong. As a parent, I would never want the first interaction with a teacher to be them calling me to tell me something bad happened at school that day. That sets up a negative relationship. We need to be contacting parents with student praise, photos of work the students are proud of, and opportunities for conferences and volunteering. 

However, we still need to keep our personal information safeguarded.

In a recent Instagram poll, 90% of my audience stated they do not feel comfortable with families having their personal phone numbers. I get it; I'm in that 90% myself. But the convenience of a text message can't really be beat... or can it?

One way to keep an open flow of communication is through a communication app like ClassTag. ClassTag allows me to streamline parent communication- I can schedule conferences, send emails/texts, get volunteer sign ups, and more... all from one location. And it keeps our messages secure and even translates them into the families' native languages automatically. 

Being able to maintain communication so quickly and easily while still maintaining that professional distance is a game changer. And it helps you (and the families) start the new school year off on the right foot. So sound off in the comments... I want to know how you are communicating with your students' families this year!

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